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Safety Audits and Preparation

Aviation safety audits are comprehensive reviews of an organization's aviation safety policies, procedures, and practices. These audits are conducted by an independent third party to verify that an organization is compliant with applicable aviation safety regulations and requirements, and to identify any potential safety risks. The audit includes an examination of the organization's safety management system, its operations, training, maintenance, and other related areas. The audit results can be used to improve safety and reduce the risk of accidents and incidents.

Our SOS team has extensive experience in conducting safety audits and also helping organizations prepare for audits to meet international accreditation standards, such as those below. 


IS-BAO is an International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations is an industry code of best practice. It has been developed by the industry for the benefit of the industry. It is the industry’s contribution to promoting highly professional operational practices. IS-BAO is intended to build upon the excellent safety record already established by business aviation.

IS-BAO is similar in this respect as its fundamental purpose is to foster standardized, safe and highly professional aircraft operations. Shortly after the IS-BAO was made available to the industry, the President of the ICAO Council endorsed the efforts of the business aviation community in developing an industry ‘code of practice’.


The Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF) is a non-profit organization that aims to promote and enhance safety in the air charter industry. The foundation was established in 2007 and is based in Alexandria, Virginia, USA.

The ACSF provides various services and resources to its members, including an accreditation program, safety management system (SMS) development and implementation, and safety-related training programs. The accreditation program is designed to help air charter companies establish and maintain high levels of safety and quality standards. The SMS development and implementation services help air charter companies establish a proactive approach to managing safety, while the training programs provide education and awareness on various safety-related topics.

Aviation Best Practices & Facility Review

Safety Operating Systems provides expert support and analysis for airports and aviation facilities to measure, improve, or implement best practices for aviation safety. It's critical for aviation firms to have outside experts review and audit their operations to ensure they meet the high standards of the industry. To this end, SOS offers detailed and expert analysis, training, and support to help organizations provide high-performance aviation safety that matches industry best practices.

Additionally, SOS can develop a Risk Management System for the entire organization.  With the help of SOS, airports and aviation facilities can stay ahead of impending safety regulations. SOS provides advanced operational safety overviews and pre-audit performance reviews to ensure that airports implement the most recent safety standards of the aviation industry. SOS can also provide industry best practice audits to assess operational and security factors.


  • To ensure that flight schools follow the industry's best practices for safety, security, and maintenance, SOS offers advanced industry best practices auditing and gap analysis services. SOS can also help flight schools implement a Safety Management System (SMS) program to manage safety systematically at their facilities. 

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