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MONITOR Safety Management System
Combining proven Air Transport safety programs into one easy to manage "outsourced" safety system. MONITOR SMS will provide organization with the capacity to anticipate and address safety issues before they lead to an incident or accident. MONITOR also provides management with the ability to deal effectively with accidents and near misses so that valuable lessons are applied to improve safety and efficiency. The MONITOR approach reduces losses and improves productivity.

Whether you are supporting an airline, an on-demand charter, executive support airlift, a military flying activity, or a government regulatory body, and whether you are the Director of Aviation Safety, work for a Director of Safety, or are involved in aviation safety management, MONITOR was developed to give you an understanding of
the philosophy, policies, procedures, and practices of safety management systems. MONITOR becomes your virtual safety department and much more.

MONITOR companies receive retainer rates on all SOS services. We become your "staff" resource for many aspects of your flight operation - only a call away - and never a charge for discussions and advice.

Key Elements

Operational Safety Overview (OPSOR)
SOS reviews your current status, and meets your management, line pilots, and maintenance personal. SOS explains how MONITOR works and why it is important. We show your employees how to participate, and explain how SOS is working for them - and not the company.

Line Operations Safety Audit (LOSA)
Line Operations Safety Audit utilizes trained observers riding in cockpit jump seats, the passenger cabin, or as part of the flight crew to evaluate several aspects of crew performance. At the core of the LOSA process is a model of threat and error management, which provides a framework for data collection. In-flight observers record the various threats encountered by aircrew, the types of errors committed, and most importantly, they record how flight crews manage these situations to maintain safety. Observers also collect data on CRM performance and conduct a structured interview to ask pilots for their suggestions to improve safety. Observers will, in most cases, be your own crews who have been training through MONITOR, SOS can also provided observers.

Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP)
The objective of the Aviation Safety Action Program is to encourage employees to voluntarily report safety information that may be critical to identifying potential precursors to accidents. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has determined that identifying these precursors is essential to further reducing the already low accident rate. Under an ASAP, safety issues are resolved through corrective action rather than through punishment or discipline. ASAP safety data, much of which would otherwise be unobtainable, is used to develop corrective actions for identified safety concerns, and to educate the appropriate parties to prevent a reoccurrence of the same type of safety event.

To encourage an employee to voluntarily report safety issues, MONITOR uses ASAP as a vehicle whereby employees can identify and report safety issues directly to SOS for resolution, without fear that the FAA or the company will use reports against them or those companies will use such information to take disciplinary action. These programs are designed to encourage participation from various employee groups, such as flight crewmembers, mechanics, flight attendants, and dispatchers.

Once MONITOR has bee running within your organization we recommend that you conduct an outside safety audit. SOS will perform a pre-audit of the operation to make sure that you are ready for your audit.

Audit Representation
SOS will be onsite for your outside safety audit. We make sure that the auditors clearly understand how you operate and how your proactive safety programs works. Many times audit results are misleading because auditors don't get a complete grasp on how companies conduct operations - with MONITOR everything is clear and simple - no misunderstandings.