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1. Why should we have an air safety department? What are the benefits?
An air safety department allows for a proactive approach to safety. In essence, a properly implemented air safety department can often prevent incidents and accidents before they happen. Your company's management may recognize this as "asset preservation" and the "strategic plan" to prevent an accident that could have devastating consequences for your company and employees.

2. Would it be better if we just hired our own air safety department?
Each operator needs a safety officer. Hiring full-time safety experts as part of your staff can be prohibitively expensive. By employing SOS, you get the benefits of having world-class safety experts when you need them at an affordable cost.

3. My management tells me a safety program costs too much and is not necessary. How can I build a business case to convince them we need a safety program?
The cost of incidents and accidents, through injury, death, loss of assets or loss of public confidence is extremely expensive. No operator can afford the cost of a serious incident or accident. SOS can help identify operational safety risks in an organization and recommend ways to minimize them Reduction of risk results in a more efficient operation. Safety is not a cost. Safety is a requirement that enhances profitability.

4. What is the cost of an incident or accident?
The costs of an accident go well beyond the immediate cost. The University of Southern California School of Aviation Safety estimates the direct vs. indirect costs to be as high as 1 to 9. The direct cost can include the loss of your aircraft, injuries or death of flight crewmembers. Indirect costs include the loss of use of your aircraft, inconvenienced passengers, hotel rooms, misconnected flights, the impact of a airport closed to your other flights, personal lawsuits against your operation, and ongoing negative media exposure among many other negative consequences. An additional large cost is the time of company personnel for the accident investigation. These investigations can require a year of time from key people. The people involved in the investigation will then be extensively involved in the lengthy legal process. In the case of a corporate operation, the injury or loss of key company officers can be catastrophic.

5. How much does an incident or accident cost?
It is always too much. The well-known saying of, "If you think safety costs too much, try an incident or accident" applies.

6. I am concerned about achieving a higher level of air safety but my management assumes we are safe and does not care about having a program. They are concerned a safety program will only add cost and cannot close a business case. How can you partner with me to convince them?
Being safe yesterday does not ensure safety tomorrow. Companies that are both proactive and assertive and with the help of the safety experts of SOS, can measurably minimize risks. SOS can show the areas of risk to an operator and provide ways to mitigate those risks. This ongoing process provides a proven way to improve the efficiency of flight operations while improving safety.

Virtual Safety Department

7. Please explain what a "virtual safety department" is and why it would be a cost effective benefit for my operation?
When SOS is contracted, a company gets the benefit of a safety department with world-class experts at a fraction of the cost. SOS provides safety services to a number of air carrier, regional and corporate operations. While SOS maintains strict confidentiality for each client, the broad experience of our staff with many different kinds of flight operations brings a depth of knowledge to be shared with all our customers.

Proactive Safety Programs

8. We have had several near miss accidents and quite a few incidents at our airline this last year. My pilots usually do not share these incidents and I learn about this through rumors. What can I do to get my pilots to share this incident information with me before we have a bad accident?
By implementing a proactive approach to safety such as the Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) you can learn about "near miss" events before an incident or accident occurs. SOS can provide another specialized program called MONITOR, which allows confidential reporting to be evaluated by experts. Information and safety recommendations are then provided to the operator so that improvements can be made.

9. We have had several incidents that have resulted in our insurance premiums increasing significantly. What programs can you offer my company to reduce our risks and help reduce our insurance premium?
Airline accident statistics have shown a clear trend of decreased accidents and incidents when using proactive safety measures. SOS's specialized MONITOR program allows an operator to apply this highly successful proactive approach. SOS can provide representation and measurable results to your insurance company f showing a proactive effort, results achieved, and a continuing trend toward safer operations and risk reduction. SOS will work with you and your insurer to show that your company is deserving of reduced premiums reflective of your efforts.

10. We are facing an IATA safety audit in six months. What can you do to help us prepare? Will this save us any time or money?
SOS has IATA trained auditors on staff who are both IOSA and IS-BAO qualified. The SOS professionals specifically prepare an airline or business aircraft operator for these stringent evaluations. This preparation usually allows a shorter and less expensive IATA audit.

11. My airline wants to fly regular routes into the United States. What can Safety Operating Systems programs do to help us achieve this?
SOS can help an airline obtain required FAA certification to operate on US air routes. SOS has the depth of knowledge and experience to help you through the FAA approval process. SOS can make this complex and difficult process more efficient, understandable, and manageable.

12. One of my planes had a bad accident which included loss of life. What can you do to help us through the post-accident process with the FAA and the NTSB?
The protocols of NTSB investigations are complex. As experienced accident investigators, SOS experts can help a company through this most difficult time. An accident investigation is a long process and having the right experts can make a significant difference in the outcome. This extensive and complex protocol is a difficult process and the interests of the operator should be included in the investigation. How the operator's interests are included in the investigation requires experience. The SOS technical experts have that experience that can help an operator during one of their most difficult times. The result of the investigation can have significant legal implications so the overall cost to the operator will be directly affected by the effectiveness of the investigation.

Legal Representation

13. One of my planes had an incident and we now have to deal with the FAA and NTSB. What can you do to help us?
The protocols of NTSB investigations are complex. As experienced accident investigators, SOS experts can help a company through this most difficult time. An accident investigation is a long process and having the right experts can make a significant difference in the outcome. Incident outcomes can be the direct result of how effective an operator is during the investigation of the incident. Whether NTSB or FAA investigates an incident the outcome will affect the operator. The suspension of a certificate (airman or operator) can have profound financial implications. Having the best quality investigation will result in the best results. High quality and effective investigations are the result of the efforts of experts. SOS can provide those experts to facilitate your best interests.

14. I am an independent pilot who had an accident and am being sued. What can you do to help me?
The SOS experts can help you and your legal team prepare the most effective defense to ensure the best outcome.

15. I am an attorney with no aviation background and none of my staff has any level of aviation expertise. This lawsuit involves Federal Air Laws and a major US pilot union. How can SOS help me with an aviation lawsuit?
The SOS experts have an extensive and highly successful history in both areas that can help you and your teams prepare the most effective defense to ensure the best outcome.