“It has been called the greatest safety invention in the last 20 years.”


—Business Aviation Insider.


SOS played a key role in supporting North American Airlines in the design and implementation of its flight data analysis program, or Flight Operations Quality Assurance”. Their staff here integral to the ability of our small sized airline implement and manage the valuable safety program.


Rudy Quevedo, Director of Safety, North American Airlines

Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) / Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) / Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring (HFDM), are all comprehensive programs for collecting, analyzing, and monitoring recorded flight data. Historically FOQA has been a statistical sampling of an organization’s fleet. The intent is to improve safety by highlighting training weakness or operational challenges at a very high level. FDM moved that sample size of data collection to 90% or greater of an organization’s fleet, thus expanding the application to look at operational performance in greater detail, some would say granular. This also was the advent of monitoring and diagnosing for maintenance.

Although the primary goal of data collection is to improve safety, many have found cost savings by using the data for maintenance applications.

SOS has the experience, with many fleet and aircraft types, as well as the collective experience of the FOQA team with the development of programs and guiding the practical applications that will best serve each customer.